Snow & Bad Weather

Our intention is always to remain open if at all possible, even if it means operating without our full staff.

However, if the weather is severe enough to put the children’s safety at risk either when they are on site or through inadequate staffing levels, or there is a health & safety issue due to a breakdown of a utility service, then the decision would be taken to close the school. We will always endeavour to make this decision as early as possible, and by 7.30am at the latest.

There are two ways in which you can find out whether the school has closed. The school name will appear on the list of school closures at Alternatively, you could listen for information on the local radio stations:

  • Radio Norfolk on 95.1, 95.6 or 104.4 FM
  • Heart Radio on 96.4, 97.1 or 102.4 FM
  • Park Radio on 107.6 FM

School closures are read out regularly so stay tuned to hear the announcements.  If Roydon Primary is not named, then we are open as usual.

I understand that parents may be concerned and want to ring school directly to find out the situation. However, the school office is very busy and lines need to be kept clear as far as possible. The most accurate way of accessing up-to-date information is through the website or radio stations listed above.