Year 6 Responsibilities

All the Year 6 children were invited to apply for one of the following jobs.  They filled in an application form to identify their skills and talents and explain how they thought these would be useful in their role.

These pupils help with the day-to-day running of the school, supporting children’s behaviour at break and lunch times, meeting and greeting visitors, helping staff to prepare and run activities (e.g. assembly) and always setting a good example to others.  They have meetings with Mrs Bradford.

These people are our eco-warriors.  They find ways in which our school can be more sustainable and look at what we can do to help save the planet.  They may work indoors or outdoors, and they think about ways to encourage everyone to get involved in environmental issues.  Each week they work with Miss Vale.

These people meet each week to explore apps and programs that will be useful for us to use in school.  Sometimes they are asked to work with other children to help them with their learning, support staff and give them advice and help with their teaching, or present information to parents about how children can stay safe online.  They work with Mrs Jolly.

This team works with children throughout the school, especially with the younger children, helping them to play games and take part in sporting activities to keep them fit and healthy. They are asked to help at school sports events and clubs throughout the year, and they may be asked to help staff to teach PE lessons. They meet each week with Mr Thompson.

This group of children is always looking for ways that they can help children and staff to look after their mental health so that Roydon is a happy place to be.  They raise awareness, develop ideas that support everyone at school, and are available with a listening ear or to share a kind word.  They work with Mrs Davies.