Our Aims

School Aims

At Roydon Primary School, we aim to ensure that all our pupils can enjoy the benefits of their community while making a full contribution to it.  Working in partnership with parents, we will enable the children to develop independence, self-discipline, respect for others and a love of learning in a supportive and caring environment.  Children will be well prepared to benefit from the next stage of their education.

 In their day to day school life, the children will learn to:

  • communicate with people in a wide variety of ways
  • develop self-awareness and an understanding of the need to care for their minds and bodies
  • be creative and to appreciate the creativity of others
  •  understand their immediate environment and the influences upon it
  •  interpret personal experiences and to consider the meaning and value of life


  1.  To continue to develop teaching and learning in ways that will meet the aims of the school.
  2. To recruit, retain and develop high quality staff who are committed to ensuring Roydon’s pupils take steps to strive to achieve their potential.
  3. To maintain and develop the school buildings, resources and grounds, and so provide a safe, comfortable and challenging environment in which children will thrive intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially.
  4. To ensure that the availability of the school’s financial resources is planned to support Roydon’s current and predictable future needs.

These priorities act as reference points to ensure that our plans for action will result in the achievement of the aims stated above.

School Improvement