The Governing Body

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Regulations concerning how governing bodies are constituted were changed in 2012, to allow greater flexibility in recruiting governors so that schools could look for new members whose skills and experience would benefit the work of the governing body.

The Governing Body of Roydon Primary School has twelve members. Each member is elected or appointed for a period of four years, after which they may seek re-election or reappointment, subject to certain conditions. It consists of one nominated Local Authority governor, two elected parent governors, one elected staff governor, the headteacher, and seven co-opted governors who are appointed by the Governing Body. Co-opted governors may be parents, staff, or members of the local community.

The total number of parents appointed to the Governing Body must not exceed one third of the total number of members.  Equally, the total number of members of staff appointed to the Governing Body must not exceed one third of the total number of members. 

The Role of the Governing Body 

The Governing Body is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the school, holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and overseeing the financial performance of the school including making sure its money is well spent. Perhaps the closest comparison in the world of business would be the Board of Directors.

School Governing Bodies have a wide range of duties and powers prescribed by the Government and set out in various Education Acts. The range of responsibilities encompasses every aspect of the school’s organisation and day-to-day operation.

Our governing body meets six times a year towards the end of each half term to deal with matters of governance.  Currently these take place remotely and this allows greater flexibility for governors to attend meetings.

Each non-staff governor is allocated to a Curriculum Leader Team and meets with a member of teaching staff up to six times a year to monitor aspects of teaching and learning in each subject.  Each monitoring activity and its outcomes are recorded and shared at full governing body meetings.

Every governor is allocated one or more aspect(s) of school life and is responsible for monitoring the statutory policies and procedures.  They meet up to six times a year with members of staff to familiarise themselves with practice in school and to discuss related issues.  Each monitoring activity and its outcomes are recorded and shared at full governing body meetings.  These aspects are:

  • Attendance
  • Data
  • EYFS
  • Finance
  • Health and safety
  • HR
  • “In the public eye”
  • Premises
  • Pupil Premium
  • Safeguarding
  • SEND
  • Sports Grant

Certain committees are required by law to deal with specific procedures or to deal with appeals related to the decisions made, for example, Headteacher Performance Management, Staff Discipline, Capability, Grievance and Exclusions.  Membership of these committees is decided as the need arises.

Governors are also seen in school helping out with school events, fund-raising, sports days, assemblies and coming in to watch the school Christmas plays (when they can!).  It is all part and parcel of how governors are involved in the school.  They are also required to attend training courses to ensure they understand all the current governor information, and to ensure they keep their skills up-to-date. Being a Governor is a voluntary role that is carried out by people from different walks of life, including staff who work at the school, so that there is a good balance of expertise across the governing body.  We thank them all for their commitment and the part they play in provide the best we can for the children at Roydon Primary School.

Sarah Brownsword

Chair of Governors

I was appointed as a parent governor in 2017, and I’m currently Chair of Governors. My son has been a pupil at Roydon since 2016 and I have two older daughters.

I currently work as a Lecturer in Education at the UEA where I teach the English & Languages parts of the Primary PGCE and I am course co-director. I was a primary teacher for many years with my roles including teaching Year 5 & 6, English subject lead, SENCo and senior teacher. I am also a part time student, studying for a Doctorate in Education. Work and family keep me very busy, but when I’m not, I enjoy live music and theatre.

Claire Lister

Vice-chair of Governors

I used to work at Roydon as a Higher Learning Teaching Assistant and when I left to pursue a new career I just knew I had to stay involved in some capacity.

Both my children went to Roydon and absolutely loved it. There is a family atmosphere that is hard to explain. I now work for South Norfolk Council managing the Kids Camps in the holidays, a job I love as I get to plan lots of fun activities for everyone. Out of work, I volunteer a lot of my time by running Rainbows, Brownies and Guides in Roydon as well as being the South Norfolk Division Commissioner. When I am not busy with Guiding I love spending time with my family, playing games, watching films, and making them camp and go on long walks!

Sarah Bradford


I always knew I wanted to be a teacher, right from the time when I used to make exercise books for my teddies and dolls!  I have been fulfilling my ambition for thirty years now and still love (almost!) every minute of my work as Headteacher at Roydon Primary School.  Every day the children amaze me, surprise me, impress me and make me laugh, and that’s what makes mine the best job in the world!

This certainly is not a nine-to-five job, and so I really value the time I spend with my family at home in Beccles.  When my husband, Ray, isn’t practising being a grumpy old man, and my highly entertaining lad, George, stops talking (which doesn’t happen often – I don’t know where he gets that from!), we just enjoy spending time chilling out together, attending to every need of Captain the horse, Myrtle the snake and Barnie the cat, and having intellectual conversations about seagulls!!

Tracey Willer

I have lived in Norfolk all my life and now live in a small village with my partner and two dogs.  I qualified as a teacher in 2002 and started my career in an infant school in Thetford where I had the opportunity to teach in all year groups, and trained and qualified as a nurture group teacher.

I then spent some time as a supply teacher working in a range of schools across all the age groups, and this gave me the fantastic opportunity to see lots of different school environments.  I came to Roydon Primary School as a supply teacher for one term in 2014 – and I am still here!  I found the school such a friendly, welcoming and fantastic place to work, I have never left.

When I am not busy doing school work, I enjoy spending time away in our caravan and going for long walks in the countryside with our dogs.

Lynn Bower

I am a former pupil of Roydon Primary School.  I qualified as a teacher, but spent the majority of my working life as a Civil Servant based in London for all but the last four years when I transferred to Norwich.

As I am now retired, I do all those things that work did not allow time for.  My main passion is researching my family history.  I also go to the gym, read, cook and eat, and particularly enjoy socialising with my friends.  My garden badly needs work as I have sadly neglected it in the past, so when it is not too cold, not too hot, and not too wet, I can be found out there trying to tame it!  I am ably assisted in this task by Rosie.  Rosie is a cat that I recently got from a local rescue centre.  She is now the boss!

Robbie Evans

I was born and raised in Essex and moved to this area in 2016.  I feel that it is important to give back to the community where I now live.

I have worked as an Attendance and Behaviour Officer for 10+ years which is a varied and challenging role – I love it as no two days are the same.  As such I appreciate the importance of every child being able to reach their full potential in a happy and safe environment.

One of my hobbies is baking and according to my colleagues I make a mean Lemon Drizzle cake … and am regularly asked to make this!!!

Helen Flynn

I am a co-opted governor, having been appointed in December 2018

My husband and I moved to Roydon from the Isle of Wight in June 2019 to be nearer to most of our family. Until retirement in 2013 I was a Headteacher for 19 years of Isle of Wight Primary Schools, ranging in size from 32 pupils to around 300 pupils. During my Headship at Binstead Primary School (2001 -2013) we developed the school into the Outstanding category and became a Teaching School. In that capacity part of my work involved working alongside the Local Education Authority in supporting and sometimes taking temporary charge of schools in difficult circumstances. This meant I gained the valuable experience of working with a range of Governing Bodies, Boards and Trusts.

Since retirement I worked for Chichester University as Link Tutor with students and mentors across Island schools. From 2018 until moving to Roydon I was temporary Chair of Governors at Wootton Primary School.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my career in primary schools and was missing it by December so was delighted to see Roydon’s advertisement for anyone interested in becoming a Governor.  I consider it a great privilege to be involved with the welcoming team at Roydon in educating our children. I am very pleased to be able to serve Roydon Primary School as a Governor.

On a personal note I am married with two children, 8 grandchildren and two great grandchildren. As well as family and exploring the area, my interests include reading, patchwork and crafts, WI and Circle Dancing – all of which have groups in Diss.

Jane Crawley

I was born near Derby in the Midlands and moved around a lot all through my childhood.  I have lived in sixteen different houses so far!

My twins both went to Roydon Primary School and I have been working at the school since 2015.  I’ve had lots of jobs, including being a horse-riding instructor and a P.A. to a member of parliament, but my favourite job is being a teaching assistant.  I am thrilled to be a governor and give something back to this amazing school.

Dana Endersby

I moved to Roydon in 2007. I started my career as a carer, and worked my way up to become a Sister. Since the birth of our daughter, I now run a renewable energy company with my husband.

I am a member of the Friends of Roydon Primary School and also try to volunteer whenever I can. I love helping others and feel it is important to help and support the children and the school where I can.

I have a passion for gardening and art. With my family, we love outdoor entertaining and have a BBQ at least once a week, even through winter.

Danielle Rackham

I have lived in Roydon my whole life and attended Roydon Primary School when I was younger.

I always knew I wanted to be a teacher and qualified as an Early Years teacher in 2014. I currently work in a local nursery, where I have been for the last 13 years and still love every minute of it. Alongside this I have also run my own businesses for a number of years.

I have two daughters with the eldest attending Roydon Primary School currently and the second following in a few years’ time!

When I am not at work I enjoy spending time with the family and being outside. I also enjoy doing Karate and being out with the horses.

Instrument Of Government

  1. The name of the school is  Roydon Primary School
  2. The school is a maintained school.
  3. The name of the governing body is “The Governing Body of Roydon Primary School
  4. The governing body shall consist of:
    • Two parent governors
    • One LA governor
    • One staff governor
    • One headteacher
    • Seven co-opted governors
  5. Total number of governors is  twelve
  6. The term of office of all governors is  4 years
  7. This instrument of government comes into effect on  Friday 17th October 2014
  8. This instrument was made by order of  Norfolk  Local Authority on Friday 17th October 2014

A copy of the instrument must be supplied to every member of the governor body.