Young Interpreters

We run the Young Interpreter Scheme® at Roydon Primary. The scheme provides peer support to pupils and families who are international new arrivals and who are learning English as an Additional Language (EAL).  

The Young Interpreter Scheme® recognises the great potential that exists within our school community for pupils of all ages to use their skills and knowledge to support new learners of English so that they feel safe, settled, and valued from the start. 

Young Interpreters undergo specific training to prepare for their important role and are selected based on the different personal qualities they may have. They offer newly-arrived pupils support, friendship and help. They can also support school staff in a variety of ways at different points during the school day.

 Our Young Interpreters say:

“I love helping new children and sometimes it can surprise you as you learn something new and make a new friend.”

“I really like learning new languages and using my pack to help new children settle into school.

“Being a Young Interpreter is about being helpful, friendly and welcoming to everyone.”

“I love speaking my own language with children who don’t speak much English.”

Young Interpreters video: 

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