A warm welcome from the Head!

Apart from our enthusiastic, smiley children and wonderful, smiley staff, do you know the best thing about Roydon Primary School? It’s the fact that everyone who works here understands the essential link between learning and fun. I am so proud and privileged to work with such a talented group of people who make sure that each lesson is exciting and engaging for all those involved. You only have to walk round our school to see and hear good and outstanding teaching and learning taking place, or talk to our children to realise how much they enjoy their learning.

I am so pleased that you have found us online. We have all been working hard to keep our website up-to-date with all the busy and exciting things we do. We think that it gives a really good impression of what Roydon Primary School is all about, but don’t take our word for it. Do take some time to explore all the pages and links, and then come and visit us. We need to be seen to be believed!

Sarah Bradford