Albert Pye Primary

Our Phonics Curriculum

Phonics in the Infants at Roydon Primary School

Each child has access to thirty minutes of phonics teaching every school day.

The children work in ability sets and work though the Letters and Sounds phase appropriate for their ability and level.

Each session is made informative, interactive and enjoyable for the children within the group.

Every member of staff who teaches phonics has had in-house training on the Letters and Sounds document.

Letters and Sounds

We introduce each phoneme in the order set by the ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme alongside the British Sign Language action for that letter.

The six phases of Letters and Sounds have been broken down into a detailed daily plan where new phonemes are introduced or previously taught ones consolidated. Each week a selection of sight words are also introduced (words that cannot be decoded).

The sessions involve the use of iPads, laptops, interactive whiteboards, games, wipe boards, books and much more to ensure all learning needs are catered for and sessions are interesting and informative.

Each week the children take home examples of phonemes and sight words they have learnt that week so they have the opportunity to consolidate their learning at home.