Albert Pye Primary


At Roydon Primary School

safeguarding is EVERYONE’S responsibility

At our school we take the safeguarding of our children very seriously.

If you see or hear anything that concerns you about one of our children’s safety or welfare, please report it to:

Sarah Bradford, the Headteacher,

or, in her absence,

Dawn Stannard, the Deputy Headteacher

Ann Plowman, the Administrative Officer

Katharine Walsh, the SENDCo.

Please do not think your worry is insignificant.

Don’t think ‘what if I’m wrong?’

Think ‘what if I’m right?’


If you are concerned about the behaviour of a member of staff please report this to the Headteacher or, if the concern is about the Headteacher, please contact the Chair of Governors, Dave West, on 07771 966661.

The safety of our children is paramount.