Albert Pye Primary

Meet our Fab Staff!

Mrs BradfordMrs S. Bradford – Headteacher

Mrs Bradford is our head teacher and is an excellent supply teacher when a teacher’s away.  She is really fun and exciting, she makes decisions and organises some of the events in school.  She also organises our Special Achievers assemblies to show that some people have worked a bit harder than others.  Mrs Bradford loves fish fingers and crosswords, and enjoys spending time with her son George and learning about dinosaurs with him.

Miss StannardMiss D. Stannard – Deputy Head

Miss Stannard teaches Year 5 and 6 in the class called “Kingfishers”.  She runs a netball club after school and her favourite lessons are drama and English.  She is the deputy head teacher and gets along very well with the other teachers.  She has very high expectations for her class.  She is not the best at drawing as she can only draw Fred Blogs – a funny cartoon character!  Miss Stannard has blonde wavy hair, and she absolutely loves chocolate and Gary Lineker!  Her favourite football team is Ipswich.

Class Teachers

Miss C. Birkinshaw – Hedgehogs

Miss Birkinshaw is the best teacher in the world and she likes teaching English and art because she is good at it.  She has a daughter called Amelie and they do arts and crafts and cooking together.  She enjoys taking her dog Peppa for walks.  Miss Birkinshaw loves going on holiday to Italy, and talking to her friends and family on the phone.  She always wears lovely, pretty dresses and she is FANTASTIC!

Miss WillerMiss T. Willer – Woodpeckers

Miss Willer is an excellent teacher and is really nice.  She used to all over the school but now she spends all her time with Woodpeckers.  She always wears nice necklaces, jewellery and glasses.  Doing P.E. with Miss Willer is lots of fun when we run about and practise skills.  Sometimes she lets us play, but only if we work hard.  Miss Willer does ocarina club and runs our choir, that sings in concerts around Diss and Roydon.

Mr J. Santy – Badgers

Mr Santy teaches Year 1 and 2 and usually wears a shirt with a tie.  He has a ginger beard and brown hair.  He is brilliant at using iPads and laptops and he runs the Digital leaders.  Mr Santy supports Ipswich Town FC, so enjoys having a chat with Miss Stannard about Ipswich.  When he isn’t teaching at school he listens to music and likes to watch cricket.  Mr Santy is kind, friendly and funny, but when you’re a bit naughty he can be a bit strict.

Miss S. Vale – Squirrels

Miss Vale used to come to Roydon Primary School when she was young and now she has come back to teach us what she learned!  She is a very nice and wonderful teacher and it is fun being in her class.  She is a really good artist and made a spitfire for our classroom display about World War 2.  When she is not at school she likes camping and kayaking, and taking her dogs for walks.

Mrs K. Walsh – Foxes (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)

Mrs Walsh is a really fun and kind teacher, and her favourite subject is science.  She has a dog called Cheddar and he loves cheese and crackers.  Mrs Walsh has three children called Dylan, Megan and Sam.  Her favourite colour is green and her favourite foods are spaghetti, strawberries and Maltesers.  She also likes the band Coldplay.

Miss PhillipsMrs A. Bennett – Rabbits (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)

Mrs Bennett teaches Year 3s and 4s in Rabbits as she likes working with them. She likes playing the piano, making arts and crafts and going to the cinema to watch films. She is a lovely teacher and she makes everyone laugh and giggle and the children really like her.

Mrs S. Drury – Rabbits (Monday) and Foxes (Thursday and Friday)

Mrs Drury is very happy and lively.  She likes art, drawing and painting.  In her spare time when she is not at school she likes gardening, music and baking yummy things.  She loves pets even though she doesn’t have any of her own.  She really wants a dog, but Mr Drury is going to need persuading!

Miss LeftleyMiss J. Leftley – Dragonflies (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)

Miss Leftley is a fantastic mathematician and can answer really hard questions. One of her greatest hobbies is playing the piano in assembly, but she also teaches us all of the songs for school plays and Busking Day.  Also, she is a Norwich supporter and she likes to have things in her room coloured yellow and green.  Miss Leftley drives our minibus and often takes us to sports fixtures.

Mrs G. Davis – Dragonflies (Thursday and Friday)

Mrs Davis is nice and friendly and she helps us with our work.  She smiles a lot and gives us lots of stickers.  It makes her happy when we learn new things and when we are kind to our friends. She really likes maths and can count to a really big number.  When she is at home she does lots of yummy cooking and baking and goes for walks.  She has a little girl called Erin and a cat called Lily.

Mrs C. Davies – Owls

Mrs Davies is one of the best teachers in the school, and she teaches Year 5 and 6.  She started working here in 2006 in Year 2 and has taught every year group at some time.  She has 2 favourite bands which are “Take That” and James; she also loves photography.  She has two young boys called Eddie and Ralph.

Mrs D. Jolly – Otters

Mrs Jolly is really excited to be Otters class teacher and she has loads of really good ideas to help them learn.  She is really good at art so she gets on well with Ms Holden.  When she is not at school she does lots of things with her three sons and she has a wet suit so she can go body boarding.  She plays bowls because her mum and dad played for England, but she isn’t very good at it.

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs B. Mills

Mrs Mills is a Higher Level Teaching Assistant. She has brown hair and she wears glasses for reading. She helps the Reception and Year 1 children in Woodpeckers and Hedgehogs in the mornings, and she teaches lots of different lessons in the afternoons. She is good at drawing. When she is at her house she likes cooking, reading magazines and catching up on sleep, and she takes her dog for walks. She is a vegetarian, and is kind and lovely.

Mrs L. Collis

Mrs Collis helps us with our reading, she helps us learn and encourages us.  She is a great HLTA for this school.  She is brilliant at maths and knows everything!  She works with the Year 3 and 4 children in the mornings, and then teaches in lots of different classes in the afternoons.  Mrs Collis is very helpful to everyone in school.  She likes taking her dog for walks, even in the rain, and she is in a quiz team that knows a lot and wins lots of quizzes.

Mrs C. Lister

Mrs Lister is a Higher Level Teaching Assistant and she works mostly with the children in Year 3 and 4.  She is very good at teaching us.  She knows a lot about internet safety, and she is really good at reminding us about things, like to put our glasses on.  She likes Star Wars, running, climbing up steep, rocky mountains, camping and visiting places with her family.  She is always busy!

Teaching Assistants


  • Mrs M. Rush
  • Mrs S. Sparkes
  • Mrs K. Cavanagh
  • Mrs N. Wheeler
  • Mrs A. Jilley
  • Miss L. Skulski

Key Stage 2

  • Mrs S. Whatling
  • Miss L. Page
  • Ms J Holden
  • Mrs D. Broadley
  • Mrs J. Crawley
  • Mrs Z. Feavearyear

Office Staff

  • Mrs A. Plowman
  • Mrs D. Pawsey
  • Mrs S. Dowden
  • Mrs A. Cope

Midday Supervisors

  • Miss L. Page
  • Mrs K. Cavanagh
  • Mrs S. Ahmed
  • Mrs J. Hines
  • Miss N. Oakley
  • Mrs M. Mayes
  • Mrs S. Sillett
  • Mrs J. Stokes
  • Mrs M. Martin
  • Miss C. Keen
  • Mrs J. Martin

Premises staff

  • Mr R. Bradford
  • Miss N. Oakley
  • Mrs M. Mayes
  • Mrs C. O’Dea
  • Mrs J. Stokes

Kitchen staff

  • Mrs D. Owen
  • Mrs M. Wightman
  • Mrs N. Wheeler
  • Mrs M. Mayes