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The Governing Body


The Governing Body of Roydon Primary School has twelve members. Each member is elected or appointed for a period of four years, after which they may seek re-election or reappointment, subject to certain conditions. Regulations concerning how Governing Bodies are constituted were changed in 2012 allowing greater flexibility in recruiting Governors, allowing schools to look for new members whose skills and experience would benefit the work of the Governing Body. The Governing Body of Roydon Primary School was re-constituted in December 2014. It now consists of one nominated Local Authority Governor, two elected Parent Governors, one elected staff governor, the Headteacher, and seven Co-opted Governors who are appointed by the Governing Body. Co-opted Governors may be parents, staff, or members of the local community.

As a result of the reconstitution process, some members of the Governing Body have nominally changed category. It has been decided that as far as possible, the balance between parents, staff and community Governors will be maintained.

The Role of the Governing Body

The Governing Body is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the school, holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils and overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent. Perhaps the closest comparison in the world of business would be the Board of Directors.

School Governing Bodies have a wide range of duties and powers prescribed by the Government and set out in various Education Acts. The range of responsibilities encompasses every aspect of the school’s organisation and day-to-day operation. It would be impractical for the whole Governing Body to meet and consider every matter relating to school life, so the work is delegated to smaller sub-committees, some of which meet at least termly, while others meet less frequently or only when they are required to do so. Certain committees are required by law to deal with specific procedures, while others are in place to make the task of governing the school more efficient. Our main committees are the Effectiveness Committee, the Resources Committee and the Personnel Committee, all of which meet regularly to deal with issues appropriate to them. There are several other committees and panels in place to consider specific matters should they arise, and to deal with appeals related to the decisions made. Staff Discipline, Capability, Grievance and Exclusions are examples of such committees that, thankfully, have to be convened very rarely.

Sub Committees

Effectiveness Committee

This is where the data is analysed to ensure that the children’s learning is good and we look at any changes need to maintain and improve achievement, etc.

Resources Committee

In this committee we make sure we are keeping on top of the budget and discuss what we need to spend money on within the school.  We also make sure that the premises are safe and secure.

Personnel Committee

This committee is responsible for any staffing issues pertinent to the school.

Each committee has terms of reference that are followed in each meeting to ensure the governors address all the areas that they are responsible for monitoring.

If you would like more in-depth information about these committees and the areas that they cover, please ask the ladies in the office to arrange for you to speak to the relevant governor.  Minutes of meetings and other governor information are available on request.

Each Governor is linked to one of the classes in school and visits them at least three times a year to keep in touch and see what they have been doing.  The visits are part of a two-way process: Governors collect information for class teachers and also extend their knowledge of the day-to-day working of the school.  Governors are also linked to a Subject Leader Team and meet members of the team to discuss school development matters.

Governors are also often seen in school helping out with school discos, fund-raising events, sports days, assemblies and coming in to watch the school Christmas plays.  It is all part and parcel of how governors are involved in the school.  They are also required to attend training courses to ensure they understand all the current governor information, and to ensure they keep their skills up-to-date.

Being a Governor is a voluntary role that is carried out by people from different walks of life, including staff who work at the school, so that there is a good balance of expertise across the governing body, and we thank them all for their commitment and the part they play in provide the best we can for the children at Roydon Primary School.

Dave West

Chair of Governors, Chair of School Resources Committee, Chair of Personnel Committee

On leaving school I worked in the building trade; I then retrained and worked for an engineering company on the fabrication side of the business. In 1982, along with a long term friend, we set up an office furniture company, supplying and later manufacturing for many major companies, with ESPO the school suppliers being one of our top customers. I have now retired from the day-to-day running of the business, but I am still involved with the manufacturing side.

Both of our children attended Roydon School and all of my 6 grandchildren have either attended or are attending the school. I enjoy golf, gardening, DIY and spending time with my family. I see my role as a school governor as giving something back to the school that has contributed so much to my family.

Sharon Moore

Vice-Chair of Governors

I was raised in North Norfolk and, after spending several years living in America, Staffordshire and France, I returned to Norfolk where I have remained since.  I have lived in Roydon since 2003 and both of my boys attend Roydon Primary School.

I enjoy being part of the community and like to get involved, and I hope that being a parent governor gives me an opportunity to give something back to the school.

I have worked for Norfolk Safeguarding Children Board since 2007, the focus of my work being workforce development and delivering various safeguarding children training courses. I am passionate about achieving positive outcomes for children and hope I bring this to my role as governor.

When I’m not working I enjoy spending time with my family, socialising and going to the theatre and cinema.

Maria Chamberlain

Chair of School Effectiveness Committee

I was appointed Parent Governor in January 2014 and I am now Chair of the Effectiveness Committee. I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of doing my utmost for Roydon Primary School and endeavour to ensure that our pupils continue to receive the best education possible.  I moved to Diss in 2005 after 3.5 years living in Barcelona and have 3 sons who have all attended Roydon.  In April 2014 I joined Roydon as a Teaching Assistant and worked with the Upper Juniors in maths and English.  I have now been appointed as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant which I am loving.  I love my job and strive to draw out the best from each pupil I work with and ensure I give my best to them.  Professional development is an area I strongly believe in.  Over the past 4 years I have completed the following courses in my spare time: Level 3 Supporting Teaching and Learning; Teaching English as a Foreign Language; Higher Level Teaching Assistant; Child Psychology; Autism Awareness; Special Educational Needs; Dyslexia Therapist and Phonics. My next venture is starting my BA (Hons) in French and Spanish which will be my biggest challenge to date.

Sarah Bradford


I always knew I wanted to be a teacher, right from the time when I used to make exercise books for my teddies and dolls!  I have been fulfilling my ambition for thirty years now and still love (almost!) every minute of my work as Headteacher at Roydon Primary School.  Every day the children amaze me, surprise me, impress me and make me laugh, and that’s what makes mine the best job in the world!

This certainly is not a nine-to-five job, and so I really value the time I spend with my family at home in Beccles.  When my husband, Ray, isn’t practising being a grumpy old man, and my highly entertaining lad, George, stops talking (which doesn’t happen often – I don’t know where he gets that from!), we just enjoy spending time chilling out together, attending to every need of Rex the Bearded Dragon, Myrtle the Snake and Barnie the Cat, and having intellectual conversations about seagulls!!

Dawn Stannard

Deputy Headteacher

I am Deputy Head at Roydon and teach a Year 5 and 4 class.  Being a governor on the committees for School Effectiveness, Resources and Personnel, as well as a member of FoRPS (Friends of Roydon Primary School) enables me to be involved in all aspects of the school’s life.

I am part of the ARTS team as I have always had a special interest in English, particularly the development of children’s reading and writing.

I believe that education should extend outside the classroom and like to participate in extra-curricular activities, especially sport and drama.  I run a netball team after school and enjoy working with the children and staff to produce the Christmas play.

Sarah Brownsword

I am a parent governor and member of the Effectiveness Committee. My son, Reuben, started Roydon Primary in 2016 and I have two teenage daughters.

I currently work as a Lecturer in Education at the UEA where I teach the English & Languages parts of the Primary PGCE. I was a primary teacher for many years with my roles including teaching Year 5 & 6, English subject lead, SENCo and senior teacher. I am also a regional leader for WomenEd.

Work and family keeps me very busy, but when I’m not, I enjoy live music and theatre and I sing in a community choir.

Tracey Willer

I have lived in Norfolk all my life and now live in a small village with my partner and two dogs.  I qualified as a teacher in 2002 and started my career in an infant school in Thetford where I had the opportunity to teach in all year groups, and trained and qualified as a nurture group teacher.

I then spent some time as a supply teacher working in a range of schools across all the age groups, and this gave me the fantastic opportunity to see lots of different school environments.  I came to Roydon Primary School as a supply teacher for one term in 2014 – and I am still here!  I found the school such a friendly, welcoming and fantastic place to work, I have never left.

When I am not busy doing school work, I enjoy spending time away in our caravan and going for long walks in the countryside with our dogs.

Tom Bobbins

I have been a Norfolk lad from birth with a couple of ‘time out’s living in Dublin and Southern Portugal in my 20s.  Since returning, I have mainly lived in Long Stratton but, since our family business is in Diss, I thankfully made the move to Roydon in 2016 with my wife and three children.  The eldest, Hugo, attended Roydon Primary School first and loved it, so we had no reservations enrolling our younger two when they came of age.

I was asked to become a governor at Roydon and, despite a busy work life, was keen to get involved.  It important to engage with the children’s studies and felt I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get a deeper understanding of how the school works and functions.

I am lucky that my hobbies fold over into my professional life running a local sports facility and coaching a variety of sports, such as tennis, squash, running and football.  My wife and I are always keen to try and motivate the children at Roydon to be energetic, happy and healthy!

Lynn Bower

I am a former pupil of Roydon Primary School.  I qualified as a teacher, but spent the majority of my working life as a Civil Servant based in London for all but the last four years when I transferred to Norwich.

As I am now retired, I do all those things that work did not allow time for.  My main passion is researching my family history.  I also go to the gym, read, cook and eat, and particularly enjoy socialising with my friends.  My garden badly needs work as I have sadly neglected it in the past, so when it is not too cold, not too hot, and not too wet, I can be found out there trying to tame it!  I am ably assisted in this task by Rosie.  Rosie is a cat that I recently got from a local rescue centre.  She is now the boss!

Robbie Evans

I was born and raised in Essex and moved to this area in 2016.  I feel that it is important to give back to the community where I now live.

I have worked as an Attendance and Behaviour Officer for 10+ years which is a varied and challenging role – I love it as no two days are the same.  As such I appreciate the importance of every child being able to reach their full potential in a happy and safe environment.

One of my hobbies is baking and according to my colleagues I make a mean Lemon Drizzle cake … and am regularly asked to make this!!!

Paul Dove

On leaving school, I attended the Norfolk College of Arts & Technology (NORCAT) in Kings Lynn where I obtained a BEC National Diploma in Business Studies.

After a brief flirtation with banking, I found employment as an office Junior at Steele & Co Solicitors in Harleston. There I quickly progressed and started to learn about the law and legal Financial Accounting, concentrating on the latter during my 18 years with the firm. I was made chief cashier shortly before leaving Steele & Co. in 2001 to join Fosters, a medium-sized law firm with offices in Norfolk & Suffolk.  At Fosters I run the very busy legal accounts department on a daily basis.

Outside work my interest include music and football. A country boy at heart I enjoy nothing better than walking the family’s pet spaniel, and spending time with my wife and two daughters, Jess & Rosie who themselves attended Roydon Primary School. It was there that they attained a first class primary education before moving onto Diss High School where they both are currently in education.

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  1. The name of the school is  Roydon Primary School
  2. The school is a maintained school.
  3. The name of the governing body is “The Governing Body of Roydon Primary School
  4. The governing body shall consist of: 
    • Two parent governors 
    • One LA governor 
    • One staff governor 
    • One headteacher 
    • Seven co-opted governors 
  5. Total number of governors is  twelve
  6. The term of office of all governors is  4 years
  7. This instrument of government comes into effect on  Friday 17th October 2014
  8. This instrument was made by order of  Norfolk  Local Authority on Friday 17th October 2014

A copy of the instrument must be supplied to every member of the governor body.